11:51AM EDT - We're here at Intel's annual developer conference and press gathering, IDF

11:52AM EDT - This year's keynote is being presented by Intel's CEO Brian Krzanich

11:53AM EDT - The big news of course will be Intel's Skylake architecture

11:54AM EDT - It technically launched two weeks ago at Gamescom as a soft launch, but with IDF this will be the main event

11:54AM EDT - So we should find out more about the architecture, and with any luck the individual SKUs as well

11:57AM EDT - Meanwhile there is a very conspicuous Rube-Goldberg machine setup on stage

11:58AM EDT - I suspect we won't be waiting long to find out what that is about

11:59AM EDT - We may also see some Atom news today

12:01PM EDT - And here we go

12:01PM EDT - Just got hit in the face by the "comet" so that was fun I guess -Josh

12:02PM EDT - Rube-goldberg machine in action

12:03PM EDT - Gyrocopter IDF balls

12:04PM EDT - And now a very quick stage cleanup by the IDF stagehands

12:04PM EDT - Now on stage, Brian Krzanich

12:05PM EDT - Today;s theme: the fun of exploring technology

12:06PM EDT - Brian is talkijng about Intel's vision and how they need the audience (developers) to make it happen

12:07PM EDT - "This year we want to push further than ever before"

12:08PM EDT - "No canned demos here, everythijng's real-time"

12:08PM EDT - Starting with a developer video

12:10PM EDT - Very IoT and Edison-centric so far

12:11PM EDT - Developers discussing what they've done with the tech

12:11PM EDT - "Computing is everywhere"

12:12PM EDT - "Computing and the computing experience is becoming personalized"

12:13PM EDT - Intel has developed 3 key assumptions/tenets

12:13PM EDT - Sensification of compute: more sensors; sight, touch, etc

12:13PM EDT - Opportunity for everything to become smart and connected

12:14PM EDT - Finally, computing is an extension of the user. Wearables and other tech

12:14PM EDT - Now discussing the sensificaiton of compute

12:15PM EDT - Intel wants devices always listening and responding. A true voice control experience

12:16PM EDT - Intel Smartsound technology

12:17PM EDT - Demoing a Win10 Skylake PC with Skylake's audio DSP

12:17PM EDT - Wake-on-voice

12:17PM EDT - Also demoing Win10's Cortana

12:18PM EDT - By throwing in a mic input on Skylake itself, Intel can bypass a power-expensive ADC/DAC

12:20PM EDT - Next subject: audio latency

12:20PM EDT - Showing off Android Kitkat tablets

12:21PM EDT - Presentation isn't going as expected; Kitkat tablets aren't making any sound

12:21PM EDT - Now demoing Lollipop tablets with audio latency improvements

12:22PM EDT - Next subject: RealSense

12:23PM EDT - RealSense demo time

12:23PM EDT - Starting with smartphones

12:23PM EDT - Google's Project Tango + RealSense

12:23PM EDT - Prototype Tango phone with RealSense capabilities

12:24PM EDT - Demoing a feature called "meshing"

12:25PM EDT - Using the Tango phone to build a 3D model of the demo room

12:25PM EDT - Phone also knows its location relative to the rest of the room

12:26PM EDT - Clearly still an early tech; takes some time to scan a whole room

12:26PM EDT - "What will you go off and develop?"

12:27PM EDT - Rolling video: a virtual butler system dubbed Relay

12:27PM EDT - Hotel using a robot to deliver items to guests

12:28PM EDT - Using RealSense to avoid obstacles and people

12:29PM EDT - Now bringing a Relay on stage

12:30PM EDT - 'Bot brought Brian a drink

12:30PM EDT - Segue into how robots need to interact with the world to be useful

12:31PM EDT - Announcing that RealSense wll support the Robot Operating System (ROS) that Relay uses

12:32PM EDT - Also announcing RealSense support for everything from UnrealEngine to Android

12:32PM EDT - Final senification demo: feeling

12:33PM EDT - Demoing a VRX racing simulator

12:35PM EDT - Now demoing RealSense and Twitch

12:36PM EDT - Showing Rocket League with the presenter superimposed in the corner. RealSense is being used to isolate him from the background

12:36PM EDT - Camera developed by Razer, will be on market in Q1

12:38PM EDT - "Intel is proud to be the lead sponsor of TwitchCon 2015"

12:38PM EDT - Switching gears to the smart and connected world, IoT

12:40PM EDT - Demo: wardrobe previews using a large display as a pseudo-mirror

12:40PM EDT - Ian: what, no preference for blue?

12:41PM EDT - Memomi "Memory Mirror"

12:41PM EDT - This mirror is social, local, and mobile. -Josh

12:42PM EDT - Next demo: baby seat clip

12:43PM EDT - Clip to let you know if you left your kid in the car

12:44PM EDT - Next set of demos: Intel's IoT Platform

12:45PM EDT - Device to cloud and back again

12:45PM EDT - IoT vending machine

12:46PM EDT - Front glass has been replaced with a transparent screen (guessing OLED)

12:46PM EDT - Vending machine profiles the users so that owners know who's using it

12:47PM EDT - Using RealSense to interact with the vending machine without touching it

12:48PM EDT - N&W will be relasing 5000 of these machines through 2016

12:49PM EDT - New technology announcemnet: EPIC

12:50PM EDT - Enhanced Privacy IDentification

12:50PM EDT - EPID, not EPIC, my bad

12:51PM EDT - Intel's IoT dev program has 252K devs using their IoT zone

12:51PM EDT - Next subject: the future of connectivity

12:51PM EDT - 5G connectivity

12:52PM EDT - Interesting to see if Intel can take on Huawei/Qualcomm on network equipment/modem.

12:53PM EDT - Third and final assumption: computing becomes an extension of you

12:53PM EDT - Wearables

12:53PM EDT - Small market growing quickly

12:54PM EDT - Now on stage, Greg McKelvey, EVP and Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer for the Fossil Group

12:55PM EDT - Following up on IDF 2014's partnership announcement

12:55PM EDT - "Connected accessories"

12:56PM EDT - Sneak peak at Fossil's holiday product lineup

12:56PM EDT - Android Wear watch

12:56PM EDT - "Merging function and fashion"

12:57PM EDT - Now following up on Intel Curie, which was announced back at CES

12:58PM EDT - Curie SoC silicon being shown off

12:58PM EDT - Tiny, Quark-powered SoC: http://www.anandtech.com/show/8848/intel-announces-curie-tiny-module-for-wearables

12:59PM EDT - What could you do with Curie?

12:59PM EDT - Demo time: digitizing sports

12:59PM EDT - Curie-equipped BMX bike

01:00PM EDT - Bike can tell it's orientation and what it's being used for

01:01PM EDT - Intel's software is identifying the tricks being performed

01:02PM EDT - BMX just jumped the Krzanich

01:03PM EDT - Intel IQ software kits

01:04PM EDT - Existing body and social kits are being joined by the time and identity kits

01:04PM EDT - Indentity IQ: Identify the user and provide access control

01:05PM EDT - Curie will be in partners' hands in Q4 of this year

01:05PM EDT - For the wider public (Makers), more info will be coming at Maker Fair later on

01:06PM EDT - Intel believes wearables can solve the Enterprise security/password problem

01:06PM EDT - (Com badges, anyone?)

01:07PM EDT - Demoing a computer automatically unlocking when the user approaches while wearing a security bracelet

01:07PM EDT - Bracelet has biometic sensors so that it stops working if it leaves the user

01:09PM EDT - Bracelet uses a form of Bluetooth LE

01:11PM EDT - Now rolling a video about the results from Intel's 2014 Make It Wearable competition

01:13PM EDT - Now on stage; Mark Burnett, CEO fo the United Artists Media Group

01:13PM EDT - Turner, UAMG, and Intel are partnering

01:14PM EDT - Intel sponsored reality competitiojn?

01:14PM EDT - Coming 2016: "America's Greatest Maker"

01:16PM EDT - Whoever comes up with the best gizmo for Intel gets 1 million USD

01:17PM EDT - Now demoing Intel's Basis Peak watch

01:17PM EDT - Everyone in the audience gets a Basis Peak

01:18PM EDT - (Audience seems slightly befuddled)

01:18PM EDT - Basis Peak's primary function is a fitness tracker, BTW

01:19PM EDT - Now switching gears to talking about the future

01:19PM EDT - Now demoing a "floating" display

01:20PM EDT - Using RealSense to project an optical illusion of contents floating in space

01:21PM EDT - Also using RealSense to detect user actions in the floating space

01:22PM EDT - "Intel will be there"

01:22PM EDT - Next subject: rearchitecting the computer storage architecture

01:22PM EDT - 3D XPoint incoming

01:23PM EDT - http://www.anandtech.com/show/9470/intel-and-micron-announce-3d-xpoint-nonvolatile-memory-technology-1000x-higher-performance-endurance-than-nand

01:23PM EDT - Now on stage: Rob Crooke, SVP of Intel's Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group

01:24PM EDT - Recapping features of 3D XPoint

01:25PM EDT - Intel announcing a new storage brand

01:26PM EDT - Intel Octane

01:26PM EDT - Excuse me, Intel Optane

01:26PM EDT - 3D XPoint SSDs in 2016 released under the Optane brand. Datacenter to ultrabooks

01:26PM EDT - 3D XPoint will also be available via DIMMs for Xeons

01:26PM EDT - 3D XPoint live demo!

01:27PM EDT - Demoing an Optane PCIe SSD

01:27PM EDT - Optane vs. Intel P3700 SSD (Intel's current best SSD)

01:27PM EDT - ~7x better IOps at low queue depths

01:28PM EDT - 76K vs. 10K at QD1

01:28PM EDT - Just a short demo. No technical details on the Optane SSD at this time

01:30PM EDT - Wrapup

01:31PM EDT - Final demo: Intel's Curie-powered spiderbots

01:32PM EDT - (Ed: no walking eye?)

01:32PM EDT - New larger, black bot. Does in fact clearly have a camera

01:33PM EDT - Brian is controlling the bots based on his wrist movements with a control watch

01:33PM EDT - Now: an even bigger spider bot. chair sized

01:34PM EDT - Uses wheels BTW, not hexpedal motion

01:34PM EDT - Core i7 brain, RealSense vision

01:35PM EDT - Dancing time

01:36PM EDT - Spider can shift to hexpedal motion for very small movements

01:37PM EDT - And that's a wrap

01:37PM EDT - Off to the Skylake sessions

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  • nathanddrews - Tuesday, August 18, 2015 - link

    I want to see some GT4e performance data!
  • MrSpadge - Tuesday, August 18, 2015 - link

    And details on which (desktop) models GT4e will be used. And if any other desktop models get the eDRAM cache.

    And what about AVX-512? Which CPUs will have it enabled and what will be the benefit (for pure number-crunching software)?

    What about OC of non-K Skylakes? Can we still use the "multicore enhancement"? What about a small BCLK OC?
  • SuperVeloce - Tuesday, August 18, 2015 - link

    as far as avx512 is concerned, only xeons will have it enabled. Unless they changed something at the last minute (probably not possible, as the i7 skylake cpus are already on the market)
  • ddriver - Friday, August 21, 2015 - link

    That would suck big time. I hope at least skylake-e will get it thou...
  • ddriver - Tuesday, August 18, 2015 - link

    I want to see Intel elaborating on the dwindling IPC improvements and overclock potential of their high end / enthusiast lineup. Back to monopoly mode?
  • nandnandnand - Tuesday, August 18, 2015 - link

    inb4 AMD Zen forces Intel Kaby Lake to be good
  • SunLord - Tuesday, August 18, 2015 - link

    Well it's not impossible but it's unlikely Kaby would be bad let alone under perform Zen unless AMD executes to perfection on the first try
  • Refuge - Monday, August 24, 2015 - link

    The day they dont' fumble is the day I shit a rainbow.
  • MrSpadge - Tuesday, August 18, 2015 - link

    "dwindling IPC improvements": it's known since a few decades that improving IPC gets harder the better you already are. And more like exponentially harder, not just a little bit. that's why ARM made so massive improvements during the last years - they started at a rather low level.
  • Fergy - Tuesday, August 18, 2015 - link

    Keep in mind ARM did it without going 90 watts and huge expensive chips.

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