Before I start talking about these speakers, I have to take a visit to the hearing doctor due to some semi-permanent hearing damage :) (kidding). Having been a long-time fan of Klipsch and their pursuit for sound perfection, I was incredibly excited to hear that they were finally getting into the computer audio market. I mean, what better organization to enter the market than one that has 53 years in the audio industry?

Klipsch was originally founded by one of the greatest audio engineers ever, Paul W. Klipsch in 1946. Hard to believe such a successful company started in a tin shed. I still reminisce, when I used to DJ using the Klipschorn line of speakers, they are fantastic speakers. In 1989, Paul sold the company to his cousin Fred Klipsch, and wife Judy. But Paul's love of audio and all that it encompasses has certainly not stopped. In January 1999, in Las Vegas, Paul was on hand for the unveiling of the Klipschorn Jubilee, which is a speaker system based on a design dating back to 1946.

Well, it's October, 1999 and we now have Klipsch speakers on our desktops. These new speakers are named ProMedia v.2 - 400. It is obvious in the design and presentation of these speakers that nothing has changed at Klipsch. The build quality, and sound quality are nothing short of outstanding. This is the first PC computer speaker system that has been given THX® certification.

THX® has been in existence now for 15 years. Some of you will ask, "What does THX® stand for?" It actually came from the first feature film by George Lucas, THX 1138. What is it? Well, to put it very simply, it is a set of quality control parameters and specifications that set the standard for quality sound and video reproduction. It first started in 1980 when George Lucas began the process of defining some standards for movie theatres, so that the movie fanatics could truly enjoy a movie in its purest form. As this standard was adopted, Lucas had seen the need for the same set of standards in the home environment. So in 1986, Lucas began the process of establishing Home THX®. 1990 marked the year when Home THX® was introduced. Today, there are over 1600 certified movie theatres and over 250 Home THX® products in existence. 1999 is yet another landmark year for George Lucas and his "Empire". July 16th, 1999 LucasFilm announced the THX® Multimedia Program. The concept remains the same - define a specification that envelopes the multimedia environment.

I don't know how many times I have heard people blabbing on about THX®, such things as "THX® is a 7 speaker system". The truth is what we have just talked about and what you can find on So now, LucasFilm has developed this new standard for multimedia. Who was the first out the gate with the cool THX® logo pasted to is face? Klipsch. The ProMedia's are the first THX® Certified PC speaker system, which is another landmark in the PC speaker evolution.

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