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Cambridge Soundworks
Four Point Surround
Digital Speakers

The Good

$199.99 MSRP

+ Crisp & Clean reproduction of high and mid frequencies
+ Punchy deep lows
+ Realistic 3D sound
The Bad

- Short stands
- Lack of sub control on the volume knob

With today's onslaught of speakers into the multimedia market, your choice of speakers is plentiful. But making the decision of which speakers should make it into your home or office is a difficult one. It seems as though anyone who has some plastic and a set of paper cones can make a set of speakers these days. There have been some speakers that were worth the money manufacturers have asked for them, like the Microsoft DS-80's, Midland 4100's and the Cambridge Microworks. After listening to the lower end of Creative Labs' speaker line up, I was not terrible impressed by the weak sound that they produced. The new FPS2000's seem to breathe some new life into Creative Labs' speaker line up.

It seems that the acquisition of Cambridge Soundworks by Creative Labs was indeed a good move on Creatives' part. Cambridge Soundworks brings years of experience in building speakers. Cambridge Soundworks was initially co-founded by Henry Kloss in 1988. Henry Kloss has been a major player in the home audio market since 1952 when he co-founded Acoustic Research. Since then, he has been involved in such companies as KLH and Advent, which are both successful players in the audio market. What does all this mean? Well, essentially you have a solid foundation of audio knowledge (i.e. Cambridge Soundworks) behind some very good marketing (i.e. Creative Labs).


* Satellite power output: 7 watts RMS at 10% THD per channel
* Satellite dimensions: 3.5" x 3.5" x 3.5" with 2.5" long throw driver
* Subwoofer power output: 25 watts RMS at 10% THD
* Subwoofer dimensions: 14.1" x 8.0" x 6.5" with 5.25" woofer
* Frequency range: 50Hz - 20kHz
* Safety and EMI compliance: UL, cUL, CE and others
Sound Quality
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