Thermaltake has announced a new compact chassis based on its monolithic sized Tower 900 chassis. The new Tower 100 includes support for mini-ITX form factor motherboards, with ample cooling capabilities and support for larger graphics cards such as the NVIDIA RTX 3080.

The Thermaltake Tower 100 includes filtered ventilation from top to bottom, with 4 mm thick tempered glass side panels which are intended to combine style with performance. It includes an angled top-mounted I/O panel which includes support for USB 3.2 G2 Type-C, with dual USB 3.0 Type-A and front panel audio inputs.

According to Thermaltake, these chassis are designed for optimal airflow, and include two 120 mm 1000 RPM cooling fans, with one preinstalled in the top, and another in the bottom. It has support for additional fans including one 120/140 mm in the top, one 120/140 mm in above the PSU cover, and one 120/140 mm in the rear. Users can also install a 120 mm AIO CPU cooler in the top, with maximum clearance for a CPU cooler standing at 190 mm. It also includes capabilities to install graphics cards with a maximum length of up to 330 mm, which is fine for cards such as the NVIDIA RTX 3080, but a little short for the top-spec RTX 3090.

The Thermaltake Tower 100 will be available in two colors, black, and a subtle Snow Edition. Thermaltake states that the Tower 100 mini-ITX chassis will include a 3-year limited warranty, with a release in the US and Canada expected in late January.

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  • romrunning - Friday, January 8, 2021 - link

    "...which is fine for cards such as the NVIDIA RTX 3080, but a little short for the top-spec RTX 3090."

    The fully-installed pic in the gallery shows a RTX 3090 in it, according to the lettering. Unless, of course, that was faked by their mktg dept.
  • Jettic - Friday, January 8, 2021 - link

    If you look closely at the pictures of the case you'll see there are only two "expansion slots" for the GPU, nullifying compatibility for three slot GPUs without modification to the rear IO of the case or unscrewing the 3 slot bracket from the GPU.
  • romrunning - Saturday, January 9, 2021 - link

    Must be why they didn't put the side bracket on over the supposed "3090" in the case. Or maybe they just faked the name onto a generic card in it.

    Either way, it's misleading to the consumer! Hopefully the stock photos will be updated once it actually ships & is listed on the ecommerce sites.
  • DanNeely - Monday, January 11, 2021 - link

    The founders edition bracket looks completely flat in pictures, and the GPU spot appears to be 3 wide even though the 3rd slot worth of width is closed. Unless there's something internal to obstruct it, you probably could install the FE card at the price of reduced exhaust ventilation.
  • milkywayer - Saturday, January 9, 2021 - link

    Yea.. NO. I'm going to stick with my classy Loque Ghost. Fits slimmer 3080s and looks great, at probably half the size of this monstrosity.
  • zodiacfml - Friday, January 8, 2021 - link

    large for a mini-itx but has the most windows without going to ATX
  • romrunning - Friday, January 8, 2021 - link

    Another thing that is difficult with these top-facing cases is the cables from your video card can be hard to manage, especially if you need to hook up multiple monitors. You can't really use right-angle adapters for them all as you probably block yourself after using one. So then you have to attach them all with some 90-degree bends in the video cable to get them out the back as the case was "designed" to exit. I'd like to see this case with 2-3 monitors hooked up to the GPU to see how it would work for me.
  • Endymio - Friday, January 8, 2021 - link

    --> " ...4 mm thick temperated glass side panels which amalgamated the need for style and performance."

    Temperated = tempered.
    Amalgamated = wrong word entirely
  • JfromImaginstuff - Saturday, January 9, 2021 - link

    Actually amalgamated is a word, maybe a bit archaic at this point but still a word

    You'd probably know if you've seen the steampunk episode of Phineas and Ferb
  • Kepe - Sunday, January 10, 2021 - link

    He didn't mean the word doesn't exist. He meant it doesn't make a any sense in that sentence. If the words "the need for" were dropped from that sentence and a present tense was used, it would actually make sense. These CES news pieces seem to be full of typos and bad grammar like no-one proof-read them before publishing.

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