07:39AM EST - Ian here on text, Anton on pictures. Matt is running from the LG press event and may join us

07:39AM EST - Huawei is set to launch the P10 and P10 Plus smartphones, a yearly cadence for their P-series line which targets more mainstream and fashion

07:41AM EST - If you saw the popup / tweet for the LG liveblog, it turns out that the WiFi didn't work. Sorry about that. Matt may post a not-so-live blog later

07:45AM EST - Set to start in 15 minutes

07:46AM EST - this hall is full already, Matt is apparently outside in a queue several hundred people deep

07:47AM EST - Huawei have their own music track that gets played at all these events. It gets burned into your skull eventually

07:48AM EST - WiFi seems good for the live blog though. That being said, last time before a show all the press were emailed 100MB of images as the show started, and it was crippled as everyone downloaded 100MB then reuploaded them in the name of speed

07:48AM EST - We have a couple of 4G lines as backup, though that's never a guarantee...

08:04AM EST - And we're slowly starting. Matt didn't make it in :(

08:07AM EST - Queue dramatic music

08:08AM EST - Dun dun dun dun dun...

08:09AM EST - CMO of Western Europe to the stage: Andrew Garrihy

08:09AM EST - Initial teasers on social media got 162m+ impressions

08:09AM EST - 'How will the P10 build on the success of the P9?'

08:10AM EST - Richard Yu, CEO of CBG at Huawei

08:10AM EST - that's Consumer Business Group, aka Smartphones

08:10AM EST - He's coming onto the stage like a rockstar/wrestler

08:11AM EST - light show and everything

08:11AM EST - P-Series is award winning smartphone for 4 years

08:12AM EST - P-series wants to bring 'The New Cosmopolitan lifestyle: Art plus Technology'

08:12AM EST - Time for a video

08:12AM EST - using the #OO for dual camera

08:13AM EST - Huawei P10: Leica Style Portraiture

08:13AM EST - 'Make Every Shot a Cover Shot'

08:13AM EST - P10 and P10 Plus on stage

08:14AM EST - Unfortunately we don't have a zoom lens

08:14AM EST - 'The Art of Photography'

08:14AM EST - 'The P10 is iconic with dual camera'

08:14AM EST - 'Our design is modern with leading technologies'

08:15AM EST - 'We have leading craftmanship and fashion'

08:15AM EST - 'Leading in metal craftmanship'

08:15AM EST - Hyper Diamond-Cut Finishing, tactile to touch wit light replection

08:15AM EST - reflection

08:15AM EST - No fingerprint, anti-scratch and non-slip

08:16AM EST - Over a million micro-cutting process

08:16AM EST - I've already felt it, it's an interesting implementation

08:16AM EST - Shown is the Dazzling gold

08:16AM EST - Ceramic white has super high gloss

08:16AM EST - Also traditional sand-blast finishing

08:17AM EST - also graphite black

08:17AM EST - The power button is a different texture to the volume rocker. For some reason Huawei didn't do that with the Mate 9, but with all other devices

08:17AM EST - Rose gold and Presige gold in matte as well

08:17AM EST - Mystic Silver

08:18AM EST - Now a quote from Pantone

08:18AM EST - Huawei recently announced a partnership with Pantone

08:18AM EST - Leatrice Eiseman on thestage, Executive Director, Pantone Color Institute

08:19AM EST - 'Huawei reached out to us'

08:19AM EST - 'All of our work is done in pairs'

08:19AM EST - P10 in Pantone 'Greenery' 15-0343

08:19AM EST - The new color for the season

08:19AM EST - 'Color of the Year 2017'

08:20AM EST - (Pictures are slowly uploading out of sequence, sorry)

08:20AM EST - 'We think this color is symbolic of new beginnings'

08:20AM EST - 'Refresh, restore, renew'

08:21AM EST - 'If we use green items, humans want to breathe deeper'

08:21AM EST - 'Green is very uplifting'

08:22AM EST - 'What green can do for us'

08:22AM EST - 'trends in interior design: people are aware of plants in their home'

08:22AM EST - green green green green green green

08:22AM EST - Now green food

08:23AM EST - 'Green is nutritious'

08:23AM EST - 'Green has a high visual impact'

08:24AM EST - 'It registers with the consumer whether they consciously notice it or not'

08:24AM EST - 'Green is bold and lively, assertive'

08:25AM EST - Second P10 color: Dazzling Blue (19-4029)

08:25AM EST - 'More influence regarding color'

08:26AM EST - 'Blue is connected with the cosmos, as mysterious'

08:26AM EST - 'Watery immersion'

08:27AM EST - Blue is 'Artisanal'

08:28AM EST - 'Blue is authentic'

08:28AM EST - 'Blue is deepthinking, profound'

08:29AM EST - 'Blue is trustworthy'

08:29AM EST - Phones on display

08:31AM EST - Underglass fingerprint sensor on the front, not the rear

08:31AM EST - Smart touch - one key can replace three (swipe, short tap, long tap)

08:31AM EST - http://www.anandtech.com/show/11155/huawei-launches-the-p10-and-p10-plus-in-green

08:31AM EST - Our news post on the P10

08:31AM EST - pictures incoming

08:32AM EST - 6.98mm thick

08:32AM EST - No camera bump

08:33AM EST - P10 Plus, 5.5inch 3750mAh

08:33AM EST - '2K' display, 500 nit, 1500:1 contrast

08:34AM EST - Water and dust resistant

08:34AM EST - nano coating onboard

08:34AM EST - nanocoating on P10 and P10P

08:34AM EST - Eight colors total, Greenery, Blue

08:35AM EST - EMUI is themed depending on the color device, so Green phone gets green UI

08:35AM EST - Now a design video. One moment while I change laptops...

08:37AM EST - Now for camera

08:37AM EST - Going for an iconic portrait

08:37AM EST - Vogue can use P10 to recreate 1950s cover shots

08:37AM EST - New breakthroughs in UX

08:38AM EST - Leica premium lens

08:38AM EST - P10P lens updated to Summilux H lens with f/1.8

08:39AM EST - 20MP mono, 12MP RGB

08:39AM EST - Professional mode

08:40AM EST - Low light performance

08:41AM EST - Night photography with the new lenses

08:41AM EST - Daylight photography : wider dynamic range

08:41AM EST - Macro photography, laser for short focus

08:43AM EST - Fast focus in motion

08:43AM EST - Support 4K H.265

08:43AM EST - 'Leica style portraiture'

08:44AM EST - Button in camera app

08:44AM EST - 3D facial detection, captures pixel level detail for algorithms

08:45AM EST - Dynamic illumination for portrait enhancement

08:45AM EST - Which might be confused for a beauty mode

08:45AM EST - Natural bones effect

08:46AM EST - Bokeh, not bones

08:46AM EST - Hybrid zoom still here

08:47AM EST - 'authentic mono portrait, Bokeh in mono mode'

08:48AM EST - Selfie camera, f/1.9, 2x brightness

08:49AM EST - Automatically adjusts for more people in a selfie

08:49AM EST - Another demo c

08:49AM EST - Video

08:50AM EST - Leica dual camera, Leica front camera

08:50AM EST - Leica photographer to the stage

08:50AM EST - Managed Baumann

08:51AM EST - 'easy to handle the pro stuff, color comes through'

08:51AM EST - 'its really perfect'

08:52AM EST - Multi Level Bokeh in monochrome

08:53AM EST - Richard Yu back to the stage

08:53AM EST - P10 Video

08:54AM EST - Now technology

08:54AM EST - 'Slow. Ales for a bad experience'

08:55AM EST - 'worlds first 4.5G LTE smartphone'

08:56AM EST - LTE Quad Antenna 4x4 MIMO for stronger connectivity in P10P

08:56AM EST - Up to 2x speed even in low signal quality

08:57AM EST - 60% fewer drop calls in weak signal areas

08:57AM EST - WiFi 2x2 MIMO

08:58AM EST - 'Huawei Geo Technology' minimise location drifting by GPS in tunnels

04:31AM EST - P10 price, 649 euro for 4gb/256gb

04:31AM EST - P10P 699 euro for 4/64, 799 euro for 6/128

04:32AM EST - Watch 2 at 379 euro for 4G, 329 euro for non 4G, classic is 399 euro

04:32AM EST - Sorry, we had a network outage at our hosts for 20 minutes

04:33AM EST - Missed most the tech and Watch 2 info

04:33AM EST - We have the PR for the watch, will write it up soon

09:26AM EST - That's a wrap!

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  • colinisation - Sunday, February 26, 2017 - link

    Why did they dedicate so much of this press conference to the colours?

    Over 10 minutes of a smartphone reveal to 3 new colours.
  • Ian Cutress - Sunday, February 26, 2017 - link

    The new collaboration with Pantone is a big thing for them. They like aligning themselves with known brands, like Leica, Pantone etc
  • Trixanity - Sunday, February 26, 2017 - link

    Yeah, the color thing was surreal.

    Is the F1.8 only on the P10 Plus or also the smaller P10? Too bad if it's exclusive. The low-light will be much better on that.
  • halcyon - Sunday, February 26, 2017 - link

    f1.8 lens only on the back camera of the P10 Plus. It's f2.2 on the P10.
  • Meteor2 - Wednesday, March 1, 2017 - link

    Ouch. So actually worse than some other options.
  • halcyon - Sunday, February 26, 2017 - link

    So, they fixed the issues with mate 9: now comes with scard slot even on P10+ (mate 9 pro didn't), has better back lens assembly.

    Sad that the battery is smaller than in Mate 9 (although understandable due to size).

    Also, as long as they Huawei drags its feet in releasing sources, getting proper 3rd party mod support is a pain.

    That's what you pay for choosing Kirin instead of Qualcomm, unfortunately.

    Otherwise a really interesting phone, imho.

    Can't wait to see actual sample photos from users.
  • philehidiot - Sunday, February 26, 2017 - link

    The colours and marketing bullshit went on far too long. If that quad antenna system works as well as it says I want it! Poor signal is a massive issue for me. That said, I don't know if the networks in the UK will support 4xMIMO... it's not my area but I assume that it needs to be supported on both ends for it to work?
  • wition - Saturday, April 13, 2019 - link

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  • Ranger1065 - Tuesday, February 28, 2017 - link

  • adeptsol - Tuesday, April 11, 2017 - link

    Very nice to see this program.I really like the software used for this product.Because i am working in ERP software https://goo.gl/H1TtO3 based company.Can you please add more photos for this fuction?

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