AMD is looking to drive the AI PC market with options across multiple product lines, which aren't limited to consumer processors. While primarily designed for the commercial sector, AMD has announced the Ryzen Pro 8000 'Phoenix' series of APUs for desktops, which AMD claims is the first professional-grade CPU to include an NPU designed to provide on-chip AI neural processing capabilities. AMD has also announced the Ryzen Pro 8040 'Hawk Point' series of mobile processors designed for commercial laptops and notebooks. AMD's Ryzen Pro 8000 and Ryzen Pro 8040 series processors come with support from AMD's Pro Manageability and AMD Pro Business Ready suites and are built with AMD's current generation Zen 4 cores. The Ryzen Pro 8000 and Ryzen Pro 8040 series processors are...

“Microsoft Pluton Hardware Security Coming to Our CPUs”: AMD, Intel, Qualcomm

One of the key tenets of having good security is reducing how attackable your system is. This is what we call an attack surface – a system needs as...

27 by Dr. Ian Cutress on 11/23/2020

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