M.2 Xpander

MSI has prepared a total of seven models for the launch of AMD's X570 chipset, but in a new series of boards focused at content creators. The new MSI Prestige X570 Creation includes an Aquantia 10 GbE networking controller, is bundled with an M.2 Xpander, and includes an impressive twelve USB 3.1 Gen2 ports on the rear panel. The MSI Prestige X570 Creation features similar aesthetics to, and takes certain elements from, the MSI X399 Creation, and implements them onto an E-ATX sized consumer desktop model. On the rear panel cover is an RGB enabled design, with the creation logo being the centerpiece. This covers the large power delivery heatsink which features an extended design from around the MOSFETs, down the four DDR4 memory slots...

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