At Acer’s global press conference today, one of the hot ticket items was the announcement of an upcoming laptop featuring an Intel’s discrete graphics option. The new Intel Xe graphics architecture, which debuted in Intel 11th Gen Tiger Lake notebook processors, is now set to see the launch of an additional higher power discrete graphics option and coming to notebooks first. One of those devices will be the Acer Swift 3X, with both Tiger Lake and discrete Xe MAX inside.

New Acer Aspire TimelineX Laptops

Acer is launching a series of new notebooks in their Aspire TimelineX range boasting mobile form factors, Intel Arrandale processors, and up to 8 hours of battery life. These...

44 by Balraj Sandhu on 9/27/2010

Intel Atom N550 Notebooks

Intel has launched their first dual-core Atom processor designed purely for netbooks, the N550. The new CPU has led to the netbook manufacturers scrambling to update their products to...

23 by Balraj Sandhu on 8/30/2010

The Acer Aspire M3400: How Much Does $649 Buy?

Reviewing the Dell Studio XPS 7100 recently seemed like a reasonable enough move: we felt it was competitive with rolling your own machine at that price, or at least...

57 by Dustin Sklavos on 8/5/2010

Laptop Buyer's Guide: 14-inch and Smaller

In the second half of our Mobile Buyer's Guide, we focus on portable machines with screens smaller than 14". The market as a whole is getting a thorough overhaul...

79 by Vivek Gowri on 7/19/2010

Acer Aspire One Netbooks

Acer has announced four new editions to the Aspire One netbook line. The AO521 and AO721 feature AMD Athlon Neo II processors, while the AO533 will come with an...

3 by Balraj Sandhu on 7/5/2010

Mobile Buyers' Guide: 14" and Larger Notebooks and DTRs

The back-to-school season is coming and refreshed product lines are already starting to appear on store shelves. Intel's dual-core Arrandale processors continue to dominate in terms of raw performance...

64 by Dustin Sklavos on 6/30/2010

AMD and Intel Mobile Rematch: Gateway NV5933u vs. Acer 5542

Our previous comparison between AMD and Intel laptops is now a year old, and plenty has changed since then. With a couple of the more recent releases on hand...

39 by Jarred Walton on 6/18/2010

Acer Ferrari One: An AMD Ultraportable

Acer's latest Ferrari-branded laptop looks to compete in the crowded CULV ultraportable market. Packing an X2 L310 processor and HD 3200 graphics, on paper at least the Ferrari One...

40 by Vivek Gowri on 6/8/2010

Intel Ultra Thin: CULV Arrandale Boosts Performance and Reduces Size

Intel launched their Core i3/i5 (Arrandale) mobile processors early in 2010, with roadmaps showing low voltage and ultra low voltage parts. Earlier today, Intel released new details on their...

29 by Jarred Walton on 5/24/2010

Acer Aspire 1410: Single-Core CULV Takes on Atom

We’ve already looked at a number of systems with Intel’s CULV platform, but interestingly, all of them have been of the dual-core variety. We frequently champion the CULV platform...

16 by Vivek Gowri on 5/6/2010

Gateway and Acer Netbooks: Wonder Twin Powers, Activate!

You're not seeing double: what we have for review today are the Acer and Gateway netbook "twins". At their core, these are virtually identical 10.1" Pine Trail netbooks, with...

17 by Vivek Gowri on 4/28/2010

Acer Aspire AS5740G-6979: Budget Priced but Great Gaming

In recent years, Acer has been doing an admirable job of condensing respectable hardware into affordable machines. Each successive generation, Acer has usually had one or two solid notebooks...

31 by Dustin Sklavos on 4/2/2010

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