Configuration Options
Below is a list of some of the menu items in the configuration menu for the R9100.

Main Menu
From here you can get to all the main options. The R9100 includes a lot of easy menu systems where you configure most of the routers functionality through a step process.

In here you can adjust all the DHCP settings. You can select the pool of IP's you want served. Besides the IP pool you can set the DHCP lease time. Basically you have everything needed to run a decent DHCP network here.

NAT Menu
The R9100 supports two types of NAT, one to one and one to many. You can map ports inside using a fairly easy to use Server mapping menu. One of the nice things about this Server mapping is the fact that you can map any amount of ports you want, unlike the LinkSys, which was limited to 10. More than one external IP address is also supported by the R9100.

The router includes a SNMP ("Simple network management protocol") management client, this will allow you to use a SNMP manager to configure, monitor the router.

VPN Menu
Another great feature included with the R9100, which isn't with most in its class is VPN Secure connections. The implementation of VPN included in the R9100 is compatible with Microsoft's PPTP (Point to Point Tunneling Protocol) client so there is no need for 3rd party client solutions.

Firewall Menu
The firewall included in the R9100 is quite sophisticated; you can create just about any input/output filter you want. The configuration does require some knowledge of firewalls; it is not for a newbie. Other security features include Enable Dial-In console access; Enable telnet access; enable SNMP Telnet Screen Access.

Overall Functionality
This router has everything that a router of this class should have. Some routers in the same class lack the VPN functionality among a few other features. Something that hasn't been mentioned yet is the fact that the router includes a RS232 port to connect a backup dial in device i.e Modem, a very handy feature. Updating router firmware couldn't be easier: With the included TFTP support its as easy as typing in the TFTP Netopia server and filename and it downloads the firmware and upgrades it. Another part of this well designed router is the ability to purchase add-on modules. One module available for the router is the AppleTalk Kit, very handy for people with MAC/PC environments. This kit adds LocalTalk support along with MacIP gateway and server functionality.

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