ROCCAT has unveiled their latest keyboard, the 'Horde AIMO'. The Full-size Horde features ROCCAT’s 'Membranical' keys which are claimed to combine the strengths of mechanical and membrane keys in one. Typically users only have a choice of one or the other, but the Horde is attempting to offer the best aspects of both switch types. Along with its unique underpinnings, the keyboard has several low latency macro keys, a configurable tuning wheel, as well as multi-zone RGB illumination to give it that gaming flare. Buy ROCCAT Horde AIMO on The most notable item here is the 'Membranical' keys. While there aren’t a lot of details on these, ROCCAT says they have a fast mid-travel actuation point as well as a silent typing feel (no clicking)...

Zalman ZM-K650WP: Because You Need a Soda-proof, Chip-proof $30 Membrane Keyboard

In the land of gaming keyboards and enthusiasts, mechanical keys are easily becoming the norm with every keyboard company coming out with a new feature, doodad, or eSports team...

28 by Ian Cutress on 7/15/2016

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