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Corsair surprised us all at Computex this year when they announced their Neutron and Neutron GTX SSDs based on a so-far relatively unknown Link A Media Devices (LAMD) controller. While LAMD was new to the consumer-grade SSD controller market, the company had been making controllers for hard drives and enterprise SSDs for years, so the LM87800 found inside Neutron SSDs wasn't LAMD's first attempt in the storage world. The experience LAMD has gathered in the enterprise world is definitely visible in the LM8700 because even though its LAMD's first consumer-grade controller, it was not dwarfed by SandForce or Marvell. We reviewed the Neutron in August when it was initially launched but Corsair only sampled reviewers with 240GB models. While 240/256GB is undoubtedly the most popular...

Corsair Neutron GTX SSD Review (240GB): Link A Media Controller Tested

Not interested in diving headfirst into a market full of teething pains, Corsair held off on its first SSD introduction. Even after it entered the market, Corsair remained conservative...

36 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 8/20/2012

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