Intel has now started sales of its 9th Gen Core unlocked processors for mainstream desktop platforms featuring the company’s Socket H4 v2 for 1151-pin CPUs. The new products feature up to eight cores, up to 5 GHz turbo frequency, and an improved thermal interface. The new chips are more expensive than their direct predecessors, which will make PCs based on the new unlocked CPUs more expensive than before, especially after profit margin of retailers and PC makers is added. Perhaps a bigger problem is the fact that stock seems to be surprisingly thin, and fluctuating daily. Table of Contents: Unlocked Intel 9th Gen Core Processors: A Family Portrait More Cores = Larger Dies = Higher Prices Per Core Pricing: Going Down Actual Pricing and Availability Some Thoughts Unlocked Intel 9th Gen...

The Intel 9th Gen Review: Core i9-9900K, Core i7-9700K and Core i5-9600K Tested

Intel’s newest line of desktop processors bring with them a number of changes designed to sway favor with performance enthusiasts. These new parts bring Intel’s consumer processors up to...

277 by Ian Cutress on 10/19/2018

Intel Announces 9th Gen Core CPUs: Core i9-9900K (8-Core), i7-9700K, & i5-9600K

Among many of Intel’s announcements today, a key one for a lot of users will be the launch of Intel’s 9th Generation Core desktop processors, offering up to 8-cores...

166 by Ian Cutress on 10/8/2018

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