GIGABYTE is a relatively new player on the memory market, yet it clearly wants to participate in the premier league. As seen at CES, this week the company introduced its Designare 32 GB memory that claims to offer both high speed and low latency. The company positions its Designare memory for high-performance systems powered by Designare motherboards. GIGABYTE’s dual-channel 64 GB Designare Memory kit was tested to operate in DDR4-3200 mode with CL16 18-18-38 latency at 1.35 V. The modules rated for Intel Core as well as AMD Ryzen-based PCs. The manufacturer does not disclose which memory chips it uses. The modules are a standard height and come with modest aluminum heat spreaders that do not affect compatibility with large cooling systems. GIGABYTE’s Designare 64 GB kit consisting...

GIGABYTE X299G Designare-10G Motherboard: Dual 10G Ethernet

GIGABYTE has released only a handful of its professional focused and creator-driven Designare branded motherboards, one for X299 and X399 for HEDT, as well as a Z390 version for...

8 by Gavin Bonshor on 6/14/2019

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