On Wednesday, September 26th through Thursday, September 27th AnandTech's community team will be hosting an ask-me-anything session with Intel’s Optane Team, which will be taking place in the AnandTech Memory & Storage forums. Have a question about Optane drives and Intel’s phase-change 3D XPoint technology? Now’s your chance to speak with Intel directly. Log into the forums to join the discussion and learn about the latest news on the future of Intel’s non-flash persistent memory efforts. Intel Optane Technology Team Bill Leszinske, Intel Corporate Vice President, Strategic Planning, Marketing, and Business Development. Chris Tobias, Director, Intel Optane Technology Acceleration Team. James Myers, Director, Data Center Storage Solutions Architecture Avinash Shetty, Senior SSD Strategic Planner and Product Line Manager Roger Corell, Marketing Manager This thread will be unlocked, open and live for...

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