LAS VEGAS, NV — A good chunk of premium gaming monitors feature RGB lighting, but the feature is almost always a superfluous flourish and not something very useful. That could all change with MSI's new Optix series. The MSI Optix MPG27C and MPG27CQ are the first gaming displays to utilize SteelSeries' GameSense technology, which allows you to fully customize the five RGB panels on each monitor's front bezel. According to MSI, these zones can be programmed using the SteelSeries Engine software to do things such as react to in-game timers or cooldowns or alert you to your Discord chat notifications. There are also customizable RGB lights along the display's rear panel, should you want some extra glow while gaming in the dark. These futuristic monitors both...

ASUS VA326H and VA326N-W: 31.5-Inch Curved 144 Hz FHD Displays for $399

ASUS has introduced two new curved gaming displays that feature large 31.5” VA panels with a 144 Hz refresh rate. The VA326H and VA326N-W monitors have FHD resolution as...

34 by Anton Shilov on 12/16/2016

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