With the recent success of ASUS's NVIDIA based video cards, it was no surprise when ASUS announced the SDR GeForce based V6600 SDRAM as a lead into the newly developed GeForce market. Soon after its release, ASUS moved from using NVIDIA's reference design to using their own proprietary board design, not a small feat by any measure, as ASUS is one of only two companies we currently know of who took the time and effort to change the board design. This new manufacturing template resulted in two more GeForce based SDR cards: the V6600 Pure and the V6600 Deluxe, cards which offered more advanced features such as hardware monitoring and capture functions on the Deluxe card. More recently, DDR based GeForce cards have become the card to own, so it was no shock when ASUS announced the sale of the DDR based V6800. Because they already had a proprietary design to use, ASUS skipped the whole reference board design and made the V6800 out of the same ASUS design found in the V6600 Deluxe and Pure models which received high marks in prior tests. Using the same board design with more powerful DDR memory, ASUS assumed that it had a winning card on their hands, an assumption that proved to be correct.

Specifications, courtesy of ASUS:

Key Benefits

Powered with GeForce 256 DDR- The world's first double data rate GPU (Graphics Processing Unit)

Built-in 32MB Frame Buffer (DDR SGRAM)- Provides more resolutions and color depths

Smart Doctor Technologies- Smart cooling, dynamic overclocking, overheat protection, fan speed monitoring, AGP power level monitoring

VR 3D Glasses- D3D games and stereo picture viewing

ASUS LIVE Capture Driver- 704x480 real time 30 fps video capture

Large Screen TV-Out (800x600)- S-Video and Composite connectors

Video-In Support- Video capture, video editing, video conference...
ASUS DVD/SW Player Bundled- DVD, VCD, MP3, SVCD... playback
Unlead VideoStudio 3.0 + MPEG-II Color Encoder Bundled- Video editing, MPEG/II encoding and real time capture
3D Games Bundled- DRAKAN (full version), ROLLCAGE (full version), and 12 other game titles

Other Key Benefits of AGP-V6800 Series- QuadPipe Rendering, Transforming & Lighting, and AGP 4X with Fast Writes, etc...


  • Quad Engine Architecture
    Four independent pipelined engines
    15M triangles/second
    Sustained DMA, transform/clip/light, setup, and render rate
    >70% of the chip active at all times
    Up to 6 triangles "in flight" at a time (typically 1-3)
    Very low latency between engines
  • ASUS Smart Doctor Technologies
    Provides the best system safety
    SmartCooling Technology
    Dynamic overclocking
    Over-heat protection
    Fan RPM monitoring
    AGP power level Monitoring
  • ASUS Video Security Features
    The auto-notification system serves as your private security or reception system
    Detects and monitors any environmental deviation from the user-configurable norm
    Users can define the response procedures once any unusual condition is detected
    Capture the detected unusual condition in a high quality AVI file
    Take a single/multiple snapshot(s) of the detected object
    Send a warning e-mail with photo to the user-defined address
    Make a phone call to the user-defined phone number
    Execute other security control programs
    Full digital technology used is better than VCR-type video security systems

  • AGP-V8600 Takes Interactive PC Graphics to More Realistic and Detailed Levels
    Full frame rate DVD to 1080 resolution
    Full precision subpixel accuracy to 1/16 pixel
    5 horizontal, 3 vertical taps
    8:1 up/down scaling
    Independent hue, saturation and brightness controls in hardware
  • Optimized for the latest DirectX 7 and OpenGL features
    Transform and lighting (T&L)
    Cube environment mapping
    Vertex blending
    Protective textures
    Texture compression

  • Superior 2D Performance
    256-bit 2D rendering pipeline
    4 pixels per clock on all scaled and indexed image operations
    1 GB/s CPU-to-GPU memory via AGP 4X with Fast Writes
  • AGP 4X with Fast Write
    Enables CPU to send data directly to GPU
    System memory bus free to perform other functions
    Balanced design increases overall system performance
  • High Quality Video Playback: DVD Acceleration
    Full frame rate DVD to 1080i resolution
    Full precision subpixel accuracy to 1/16 pixel
  • High Quality Video Playback: Video Overlay
    5 horizontal, 3 vertical taps
    8:1 up/down scaling
    Independent hue, saturation, and brightness controls in hardware
  • 3D Stereoscopic Features
    Turns D3D games into virtual reality gaming world
    VR Viewer software bundled for 3D pictures viewing
    Stereo TV software bundled for TV/VCR stereoscopic video playing and cable TV
    Real time onscreen display (OSD) control panel for VR settings
  • Video Features for Video-in
    Complete S-VHS and Composite video-input ports support
    ASUS Live driver supports 704x480 real time video capture (for Windows 95/98 only)
  • Video Features for TV-out
    Digital video output by integrated NTSC/PAL encoders
    Complete S-VHS and Composite video-input ports support
    High quality TV-out supports 800x600 resolutions

Max Refresh Table


Color Depth (BITS)

Max Refresh Rate (Hz)

640 x 480



800 x 600



1024 x 768



1152 x 864



1280 x 960



1280 x 1024



1600 x 900



1600 x 1200



1920 x 1080



1920 x 1200



1920 x 1440



2048 x 1536



The Card

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