09:42PM EDT - AMD is having a press conference here in Taipei for Computex 2017. Starting in 20 minute or so

09:42PM EDT - AMD held it's Financial Analyst Day two weeks ago where they announced a few things like Epyc

09:42PM EDT - so I'm not sure exactly what's on the announcement list today

10:00PM EDT - It's very red in here, as you can see. And we've got the typical fare of AMD-powered systems throughout the room.

10:02PM EDT - We are about to start, oh so it seems. President of AMD's greater China region, Spencer Pan kicking things off.

10:03PM EDT - AMD has been in Taiwan for 30 years. Spencer is promising details about the high end of the PC market.

10:03PM EDT - AMD has been in Taiwan for 30 years. Spencer is promising details about the high end of the PC market.

10:05PM EDT - Lisa Su now taking stage. Reiterating the 30th anniversary in Taiwan, and talking about this region's role in the ecosystem.

10:06PM EDT - Lisa is talking about high performance computing, and its importance in everything AMD does. This is a continuation of what AMD talked about at the Financial Analyst Day.

10:07PM EDT - Markets on this front: Data center (Epyc), Immersive (Vega) and of course PCs. She says we'll be talking about the PC market a bit more today, but starting with data center.

10:09PM EDT - Data center drivers: huge amounts data. But also the data center has heterogenous workload needs -- performance, but also better security and more TCO (total cost of ownerships). Hence, EPYC. Thinking not just about CPU performance but system-wide performance. AMD wants to ensure leadership in two socket. 45% more cores, 122% more memory bandwidth, 60 more I/O.

10:10PM EDT - Then onto single socket designs: 1 EPYC processor is more than 50% of Intel's offerings. But also lower power consumption and operating expense. Striving for 30% TCO advantage.

10:11PM EDT - Showing some of the competitive performance numbers now. Announcing EPYC launch on June 20, 2017 worldwide. Announcing this for the first time here.

10:13PM EDT - Now moving onto Radeon Instinct. Advanced design for compute and scale out performance. About 25 Teraflops of performance (with optimized software workloads).

10:13PM EDT - Showing benchmark in machine learning vs P100 with DeepBench.

10:14PM EDT - More discussion around that combination of EPYC and Radeon Instinct in the data center. Looking forward to hearing more about this.

10:15PM EDT - Recapping Ryzen 7, 5

10:15PM EDT - Ryzen 3 coming in Q3

10:15PM EDT - A few Ryzen OEM systems are on display at the show

10:15PM EDT - All five major OEMs launching systems this quarter

10:15PM EDT - Dell to the stage

10:16PM EDT - Systems on the stage: desktops and all-in-ones

10:16PM EDT - Dell launched three products: two all-in-ones and a desktop

10:16PM EDT - The desktop is designed for gaming

10:16PM EDT - 'Worlds first and only all-in-one with an eight core CPU'

10:17PM EDT - (I don't think he was counting Xeons here'

10:17PM EDT - CPU plus a GPU up to 110W

10:17PM EDT - Infinity edge display

10:17PM EDT - Link: http://www.anandtech.com/show/11455/dell-launches-inspiron-27-7775-aio-ryzen-7-rx-580

10:17PM EDT - 'VR Ready' with RX 570

10:17PM EDT - Now onto the gaming desktops

10:18PM EDT - A large amount of volume dedicated to cooling components

10:18PM EDT - Note that Dell systems use proprietary motherboards

10:18PM EDT - It'd be interesting to see exactly what goes on with them for AM4

10:19PM EDT - Acer (Jerry Kao) now to the stage, president of IT Products Business

10:19PM EDT - 'AMD are energetic like teenagers!'

10:19PM EDT - 'Everyone thinks about gaming and the best of performance'

10:19PM EDT - 'There are a lot of gamers who are casual gamers'

10:20PM EDT - He's holding a laptop with RX560 inside and Ryzen

10:20PM EDT - Look at that bezel

10:20PM EDT - 15-inch it looks like

10:20PM EDT - 15-inch Full-HD with Dolby Audio Premium

10:21PM EDT - 'Acer's best thermal technology'

10:21PM EDT - I'm surprised people are talking about Cooling here. It's as if they're trying to say something

10:21PM EDT - Now showing a desktop with Ryzen 7 and AMD GPU

10:21PM EDT - 'AMD is the only company to provide the combination of CPU and GPU'

10:22PM EDT - 'In an office, this is a powerful PC. It also does gaming'

10:22PM EDT - Wireless charging into the base unit

10:22PM EDT - HP to the stage: Spike Huang (Director HP Omen Product Management)

10:23PM EDT - Stating HP and AMD's partnership, 'based on trust'

10:24PM EDT - Showing desktop on stage with Ryzen

10:24PM EDT - Same chassis design we've seen with Bristol Ridge units

10:24PM EDT - Lenovo to the stage, Tony Chen, Executive Director Consumer PC Product Management

10:25PM EDT - Two media centers with AMD CPUs being announced at the show from Lenovo

10:25PM EDT - 'Ryzen has many threads for gamers'

10:25PM EDT - 'AMD CPU and GPU'

10:25PM EDT - >lots of marketing, but it's AMD showing they have ecosystem partners in place

10:26PM EDT - ASUS to the stage, Derek Yi, Global Marketing Director of ROG

10:27PM EDT - 'ROG is very successful with AMD'

10:27PM EDT - 'AMD Laptops have been missing for a while, so ROG is announcing one with Ryzen'

10:28PM EDT - RX 580, Ryzen 7 CPU

10:28PM EDT - 512GB M.2

10:28PM EDT - ROG Gaming Center

10:28PM EDT - ASUS Strix GL702ZC

10:29PM EDT - rolls off the tongue

10:29PM EDT - Freesync panel

10:29PM EDT - 'VR Ready'

10:29PM EDT - Scores 1410 on Cinebench

10:29PM EDT - So is it a dekstop CPU ?

10:30PM EDT - 'Close to the highest retail laptop score for Cinebench'

10:30PM EDT - Good bezels

10:30PM EDT - Supporting OBS

10:30PM EDT - No details on screen resolution, 1080p likely

10:31PM EDT - Jim Anderson to the stage, SVP and GM of Computing and Graphics

10:31PM EDT - Talking about the past and future of AMD

10:32PM EDT - Talking about the next wave of products for 12-16 months

10:32PM EDT - Ryzen in Mobile for Computex

10:32PM EDT - That's CPU, not APU, at this time

10:33PM EDT - Today has new product updates for notebook and desktops

10:33PM EDT - Goign to talk APUs and Threadripper

10:33PM EDT - Starting with Mobile

10:33PM EDT - APUs coming to consumer premium systems in 2H

10:33PM EDT - Working with OEMs for several months already

10:33PM EDT - In 2-in-1s, convertables and ultraportables

10:34PM EDT - Obviously they're targeting traditional ultraportable markets, because they have such a low market share

10:34PM EDT - APUs coming 2H17 for consumer, Pro APUs for commercial coming 1H18

10:34PM EDT - APUs will have Zen cores and Vega Graphics

10:35PM EDT - focusing on the trifecta: CPU perf, GPU perf and efficiency

10:35PM EDT - Ryzen Mobile APU on stage

10:36PM EDT - Looks like the size of a penny

10:36PM EDT - Kevin Lensing on stage showing a Ryzen 2-in-1 APU engineering sample

10:36PM EDT - sub-15mm notebook

10:36PM EDT - 4 cores and 8 threads plus Vega

10:36PM EDT - so one CCX

10:37PM EDT - AMD are set to tackle Intel's dual core market with quad cores and better graphics. The only question is power

10:37PM EDT - That's Ryzen Mobile, now onto Desktop

10:37PM EDT - Seven Ryzen CPUs in the market

10:38PM EDT - Showing CineBench perf

10:38PM EDT - Showing some of the graphics presented at the Financial Analyst Day

10:41PM EDT - Showing some gaming

10:41PM EDT - Intel vs AMD gaming while streaming - 7600K vs Ryzen 5 1600X

10:41PM EDT - Ryzen 5 isn't dropping frames with 50% CPU, Intel is maxxing the CPU

10:42PM EDT - Announcing today: All Ryzen Desktop CPUs are Oculus Approved (including Ryzen 3)

10:42PM EDT - Now talking ThreadRipper and X399

10:43PM EDT - Coming Summer 2017

10:43PM EDT - Targeting HEDT

10:44PM EDT - All new platform

10:44PM EDT - socket looks fun, too

10:44PM EDT - 16 cores, 32 threads

10:44PM EDT - 64 PCIe 3.0 lanes

10:44PM EDT - YES, 64

10:45PM EDT - that's 60 + 4 for the chipset

10:45PM EDT - Quad channel DRAM

10:45PM EDT - Note, 60 lanes of PCIe 3.0 - that's 3 x16 GPUs and 3x M.2 PCIe 3.0 x4 drives all from the CPU

10:45PM EDT - All four main motherboard partners are set to launch boards

10:46PM EDT - Showing off Threadripper, looks like the Naples package

10:47PM EDT - Showing Blender on Threadripper

10:48PM EDT - That's all on Threadripper - no mention of pricing or release date, except Summer 2017

10:48PM EDT - Lisa back to the stage

10:49PM EDT - Now on to Vega

10:49PM EDT - Showing Vega in a new context

10:49PM EDT - Radeon Vega Frontier announced last week

10:50PM EDT - 64 CUs, 25 TF, 16GB HMB2

10:51PM EDT - Threadripper plus four Vega GPUs running on Blender with Radeon Pro Render plugin

10:51PM EDT - CPU is running 26 threads at 40%

10:52PM EDT - Radeon Vega Frontier Edition, Launching June 27th

10:52PM EDT - Now for gaming: RX Vega

10:53PM EDT - Showing video of Prey at 4K Ultra with Threadripper and two RX Vega GPUs

10:53PM EDT - There's tearing... no Vsync

10:54PM EDT - RX Vega is launching at SIGGRAPH at the end of July

10:54PM EDT - More about Threadripper and Vega over the next couple of months

10:55PM EDT - Wrapping up the press conference. Time to talk to Jim for my samples...

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  • RaistlinZ - Tuesday, May 30, 2017 - link

    My body is ready.
  • Radix999 - Tuesday, May 30, 2017 - link

    My wallet is not.
  • techguymaxc - Tuesday, May 30, 2017 - link

    Are these people serious? No availability date for Ryzen or RX Vega. No prices. No specs on any SKU. No benchmarks. My belief that these products are going to be worth buying wanes with every passing day. If you have something good up your sleeves, every day you don't give customers a reason to wait you lose potential sales. The fact that they aren't doing this tells me they have something to hide.
  • Gothmoth - Wednesday, May 31, 2017 - link

    spoken like a real intel fanboy... thanks for the laugh.

    i am using intel for 12 years now and im sick of being milked.
    ryzen showed that AMD can deliver.... only morons would doubt that now.

    and i am sick to hear 14 year old kids whine about "but at 1080p the intel is 15% faster".
    some people do more with a PC then wasting their lifetime....
  • vladx - Wednesday, May 31, 2017 - link

    Believe it or not, 99% still game at 1080p or lower.
  • Gothmoth - Wednesday, May 31, 2017 - link

    unbelievable you don´t get it....

    what i meant is.... 15% less game performance is as important for me as the rice price in china.
    a threadripper is first and foremost a workstation CPU.. not for game kiddies.
  • TheJian - Wednesday, May 31, 2017 - link

    That 15% will be there forever, and as you move up in vid cards the same story will happen later at 1440p or 4k.

    That 15% is important to MANY others. Also, if it wasn't for games, AMD maybe shouldn't market it as such in their demos huh? Not saying it isn't a "BETTER" workstation chip than gamer (yeah, sometimes it's worse than 15% too), but people will GAME on it. I'm sure there are many who bought pre-orders that are a bit peeved about the 15% (and more in many games) they just lost ;)

    Unbelievable that you don't get that many of these chips will be in GAMER PC's. I'm over 40, still pissed about the gaming losses :) Won't buy until rev2 or just going Intel now. AMD might still get my HTPC's (apu's, need 2 of them) but not likely my GAMING box as Intel seems to own that until rev2 ryzen.

    Seems Vega (AMD management) is going to be sunk by HBM again. Delayed 2 times, and probably lack of volume and margins again just like last time around. That sucks. It could have been a money maker 6 months ago with GDDR5x or maybe highly clocked GDDR5 even (how much do more traces cost vs. HBM?).
  • fanofanand - Thursday, June 1, 2017 - link

    You seem impatient, just overpay for Intel and be done with it.
  • Outlander_04 - Thursday, June 1, 2017 - link

    Actually there is no difference between Intel AMD at 1440p with any graphics card.
    And no practical difference at 1080p either since probably 99% of the people using that resolution are running 60 Hz monitors which can NEVER display more than 60fps

    What was your point again ?
  • 0ldman79 - Friday, June 2, 2017 - link

    Outlander_04, exactly.

    As long as I get a minimum of 60fps *who the hell cares what is faster*?

    $500 for AMD, $900+ for Intel, 90% of the performance for 50% of the price. No brainer.

    I'm still torn myself though. The six core is the sweet spot, same as the FX series, but the temptation of a 10+ core beast... I'm either going to go value-performance and get a six core or go stupid and build a beast.

    Not ruling out Intel either at this point. If they drop prices enough on the i7s I'll grab one of those instead.

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