12:06PM EDT - I'm here at Google's October phone event

12:09PM EDT - Google's first subject: using machine learning to approve their assistant AI

12:15PM EDT - This is my first Live Blog, so please bear with me.

12:16PM EDT - Google talking up AI. The next big innovation.

12:17PM EDT - Building hardware and software together let's Google create the best experience around AI

12:17PM EDT - Hardware with Google Assistant at its core

12:18PM EDT - Sounds like more hardware coming from Google in the future

12:18PM EDT - Introducing Pixel

12:19PM EDT - Polished aluminum case

12:20PM EDT - Pixel first phone with Google Assistant built-in

12:20PM EDT - "No unsightly camera bump"

12:21PM EDT - Photography, storage, communications, and VR central themes

12:23PM EDT - Google Assistant searching photos based on date with natural voice command

12:23PM EDT - Uses Google's Knowledge graph to find contextual results

12:24PM EDT - Ask it who's playing at a concert venue, and it will return upcoming shows with dates

12:24PM EDT - Google Assistant works with third-party messaging apps

12:26PM EDT - Ask about a restaurant and get contextual links to Yelp, Maps, etc.

12:26PM EDT - Get directions, message a friend, and make a reservation all in one easy flow without jumping between apps

12:26PM EDT - No more copy-paste between apps

12:27PM EDT - Now talking about Pixel camera

12:27PM EDT - DXOMark of 89

12:27PM EDT - iPhone 7 was 86

12:27PM EDT - 12.3MP rear camera

12:28PM EDT - f/2.0 aperture and 1.55 micron pixels

12:28PM EDT - Smartburst - hold down shutter button and take a continuous picture. Phone selects best image of capture.

12:29PM EDT - HDR+ combines multiple short exposures, reducing noise and improving dynamic range

12:29PM EDT - HDR+ has zero shutter lag

12:30PM EDT - Claims camera capture time is faster than any other phone

12:30PM EDT - Samples gyroscope 200 times per second for video image stabilization

12:31PM EDT - Google Photos integration. Free unlimited photos and videos at full resolution stored in cloud.

12:32PM EDT - Live blogging is hard :)

12:32PM EDT - Presenters talk fast

12:32PM EDT - Google Duo preinstalled on Pixel.

12:33PM EDT - Google Duo preinstalled on Pixel.

12:33PM EDT - This is Google's new video conferencing app

12:33PM EDT - Pixel comes with quick charging

12:34PM EDT - Pixel comes with Nougat, obviously. Software updates installed in background.

12:35PM EDT - New Google tool to make it easy to switch from iPhone to Pixel

12:35PM EDT - Now back to hardware

12:35PM EDT - Pixel has 2 screen sizes: 5" and 5.5"

12:36PM EDT - 3 colors: Black, Blue, Silver

12:36PM EDT - Pixel is first phone to be Daydream VR ready

12:37PM EDT - Verizon is exclusive carrier partner in US

12:37PM EDT - Also available unlocked

12:38PM EDT - Video time

12:39PM EDT - No mention of HTC. Google phone "inside and out"

12:39PM EDT - Video done. Moving on to VR.

12:39PM EDT - VR a transformative technology

12:41PM EDT - Discussing Google's Daydream platform

12:41PM EDT - Daydream View: Google's take on VR headsets

12:41PM EDT - Wanted to make something that is comfortable and easy to use

12:42PM EDT - soft, flexible, breatheable

12:42PM EDT - made from soft micro-fabrics

12:42PM EDT - It's soft and cozy :)

12:42PM EDT - 30% lighter than other headsets

12:42PM EDT - fits over glasses

12:43PM EDT - Which reminds me, I should be wearing mine

12:43PM EDT - Headset includes auto-alignment system and communicates with phone wirelessly

12:44PM EDT - Comes with a small wireless controller. Gyro inside

12:44PM EDT - Controller can be stored inside headset when done using it

12:45PM EDT - Presenter just dropped the controller on the floor. It survived

12:45PM EDT - 3 colors: Slate (gray), Snow (silver), Crimson

12:46PM EDT - Harry Potter VR content: Fantastic Beasts

12:48PM EDT - I've got my glasses on now. Headache averted

12:48PM EDT - Still discussing VR content

12:48PM EDT - VR journalism from New York Times

12:48PM EDT - More than 50 partners already onboard Daydream

12:49PM EDT - Google Play Movies, Photos, Street View, and YouTube will be Daydream compatible

12:50PM EDT - Street View in VR should be useful. An interesting way to explore new places.

12:51PM EDT - Already 100k+ immersive videos on YouTube?

12:51PM EDT - A lot of possibilities for VR content on YouTube

12:52PM EDT - Headset and controller available in November for $79

12:52PM EDT - plus a Pixel phone of course :)

12:52PM EDT - Now discussing connectivity

12:53PM EDT - Announcing Google WiFi

12:53PM EDT - Expandable system: network of access points

12:54PM EDT - Add access points to tailor coverage to your home

12:54PM EDT - Network assist feature automatically optimizes the network and connections

12:54PM EDT - Makes it easier to manage network

12:55PM EDT - Can control Google WiFi with app on phone

12:55PM EDT - Can disable network access on per user basis

12:56PM EDT - Announcing Chromecast Ultra

12:56PM EDT - cast content up to 4K and HDR

12:56PM EDT - 4K content coming to Google Play Movies in November

12:57PM EDT - Comes with Ethernet port

12:57PM EDT - Old school

12:58PM EDT - Moving on to Google Home

12:59PM EDT - Enjoy music, manage tasks, control devices in home with your voice

12:59PM EDT - Very neutral design

12:59PM EDT - LEDs and touch surface on top

01:00PM EDT - There's a mute button to make it stop listening

01:00PM EDT - Can swap bases to get a different visual look

01:01PM EDT - Several speakers inside base for playing music

01:01PM EDT - Use your voice to control music playback.

01:02PM EDT - Ties into YouTube Music, Pandora, Spotify, iHeart

01:03PM EDT - Can choose a default music service, so you don't have to keep telling it what source to use

01:05PM EDT - Google Home ties into Google's knowledge graph to answer questions you ask

01:05PM EDT - Also grabs snippets from the Web if it cannot find answer in knowledge graph

01:06PM EDT - Google Home names source of snippet from the Web before reading the answer. That's a nice touch

01:07PM EDT - Can ask it where to buy camping gear and it will tell you a list of stores and how far away they are

01:08PM EDT - Can follow up that query with directions

01:09PM EDT - Seems to work well with natural language queries (at least the examples provided)

01:09PM EDT - Can add items to shopping list and later access it with your phone

01:11PM EDT - Can use voice to control devices in the home.

01:11PM EDT - Can control TVs via Chromecast

01:12PM EDT - Google Home + Chromecast = Siri voice control on AppleTV

01:13PM EDT - Netflix support coming soon

01:13PM EDT - Works with Google Photos to display photos via Chromcast

01:14PM EDT - Google Home works as the voice control interface

01:14PM EDT - Google Home can also control external speakers via Chromecast Audio

01:15PM EDT - Can play music over multiple speakers within a group. Spread music throughout home

01:15PM EDT - Google Home: A WiFi speaker with Google Assistant built in

01:16PM EDT - Costs $129. Available for preorder today. Shipping Nov. 4

01:16PM EDT - 3 colors (fabric): Mango, Marine, Violet

01:17PM EDT - 3 metal base colors: Carbon, Snow, Copper

01:17PM EDT - Video time again

01:18PM EDT - It feels like I'm typing a lot

01:20PM EDT - Now talking about the openness of Google Assistant

01:21PM EDT - New developer options for tying into Google Assistant

01:22PM EDT - New conversation building tools coming in December

01:22PM EDT - Actions on Google

01:23PM EDT - embedded Google Assistant SDK

01:23PM EDT - will launch next year

01:23PM EDT - GA on Raspberry Pi

01:24PM EDT - Should enable third-party hardware with GA

01:24PM EDT - Wrapping up

01:25PM EDT - Thanks for reading along everyone

01:25PM EDT - I'm going to give my fingers a rest now

01:26PM EDT - And that's a wrap. Now for some hands-on

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  • Meteor2 - Tuesday, October 4, 2016 - link

    You were rather late starting to blog! I've been reading elsewhere :(.

    Pricing on Pixel is disappointing. I'm guessing it will be £600 in the UK. That's just too much.
  • Mr Perfect - Tuesday, October 4, 2016 - link

    The pricing is disappointing indeed. I was really hoping they'd continue having a midrange phone(5X) and highend phone(6P) in the same generation. At $650 they can forget about it.

    Anyone know where to get a new US version of the 5X? The Google store has been sold out for a week and Amazon seems to have nothing but the international version(which is minus some Verizon bands that I need).
  • Meteor2 - Tuesday, October 4, 2016 - link

    Yep, in the UK the Pixel is priced the same as the iPhone 7. They're not going to sell any. Here, at least, people who spend that much on phones are too fashion-conscious to buy anything but Apple.

    I mean, an S6 direct from Samsung is £469. There's no comparison. Google have completely missed the mark.
  • Morawka - Tuesday, October 4, 2016 - link

    good lucky finding a newly released aluminum unibody phone for under $600. the milling process is expensive.
  • fanofanand - Tuesday, October 4, 2016 - link

    Which is precisely the reason that injection molded plastic is a better alternative for phones. The milling process does what for performance? I would rather have another phone like the N5 for half of what this will sell for. Screw aluminum if it's going to double the price.
  • tuxRoller - Tuesday, October 4, 2016 - link

    The rigidity is useful for preventing damage to the internals, but the same can be achieved with a good skeleton.
  • Morawka - Tuesday, October 4, 2016 - link

    much better heat dissipation, rigid, and durable, doesn't scratch or chip easily, feels premium. Plus you get a Daydream Vr for free if you pre-order. This is meant to be a flagship product, and for years people have asked google for a premium device, but they are unwilling to pay for it.

    It's not like you don't have other choices. there are several other phones to meet whatever price point you want. who know's
  • Impulses - Wednesday, October 5, 2016 - link

    The HTC 10 is currently on sale for $550... So that's at least one current sub-$600 option. :P That being said, I couldn't care less about metal builds (not on phones nor camera lenses where it's also become a fetish), and oddly I'm still attracted to the Pixel.
  • marty_himself - Wednesday, October 5, 2016 - link

    Does the OnePlus 3 not have a aluminium unibody? In the UK, it is around £300, which is around half the price of the Pixel phone. It is also a better looking phone. Or the Xiaomi Mi 5s, which will probably be released around the same time as the Pixel and have the same specs, for under £300. It is completely baffling to me what Google is trying to achieve.
  • [-Stash-] - Wednesday, October 19, 2016 - link

    The OnePlus 3 is £330, at the current exchange rate, $405.

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