RGB has been the main ‘feature’ of the gaming PC market of late, with all the fancy lights adding to the ‘bling’ of a standard machine. But what if that bling was actual bling, and we started moving into precious metals being used for the most random accessories? Well ADATA has you covered with its 24-carat gold keyboard design.

ADATA told us that they initially received the request from someone with enough money, and they designed their aluminium Summoner keyboard to have 24K gold plating. After building it, they built a few more: six to be exact. The retail price of the unit, we were told, is $10k. Unfortunately ADATA isn’t sampling this one to press.

The gold on the keyboard is a plating, rather than making it solid gold. However, behind the gold is aluminium, which makes it heavier than a standard keyboard. The unit was actually quite cold to type on, given that all the keys are metallic. The keyboard isn’t plated at the bottom, in case anyone was wondering.

If you have money burning a hole in your pocket, then give your ADATA rep a call.

I forgot to ask if it comes with a warranty.

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