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3D and GPU performance of the Pixel 4, much like all other devices this year with the same Snapdragon 855 chipset, will only be able to differentiate itself from the pack if it has any kind of special heat dissipation or extremely lax thermal throttling designs. We’re not expecting any big surprises here, and do hope the Pixel 4 XL is able to fare competitively.

3DMark Sling Shot 3.1 Extreme Unlimited - Physics

Starting off with the 3DMark Physics test, which is actually a CPU benchmark within a temperature constrained test scenario, we see the Pixel 4 XL fall in line with the middle of the pack of Snapdragon 855 devices in terms of the sustained performance scores. It’s interesting to see the peak performance standing out and being ahead by a measurable margin against other S855 devices. I’m not too sure why this would be other than maybe Google having extra optimisations in the scheduling of the workload, or maybe even DVFS behaviour of the CPUs, as the actual workload performance shouldn’t change based on any other external factors such as drivers or software.

3DMark Sling Shot 3.1 Extreme Unlimited - Graphics

In the graphics workload, things are GPU bound and that’s the main limiting factor for the performance scores. Here the Pixel 4 XL again falls around the middle of the pack amongst other S855 devices.

GFXBench Aztec Ruins - Normal - Vulkan/Metal - Off-screen GFXBench Aztec Ruins - High - Vulkan/Metal - Off-screen GFXBench Manhattan 3.1 Off-screen GFXBench T-Rex 2.7 Off-screen

This ranking is continued on over all the GFXBench tests as the Pixel 4 XL does adequately but still remains below medium amongst our Snapdragon 855 devices. A peculiarity we’re seeing in the benchmarks is that the peak performance of the Pixel 4 XL is a few percentages lower than that on other S855 phones. Again, I have no proper explanation for this other that it may be some regression in Qualcomm’s GPU drivers, or that maybe Google is being more relaxed on other DVFS behaviour such as on the memory controllers.

Again, whilst this performance isn’t outright bad, we have to keep in mind the pricing of the phone and its very late release date in the year. The contrast to Apple’s iPhone 11s here in the charts is pretty absurd, as it’s able to showcase scores essentially twice as fast as what the Pixel 4 XL can achieve.

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  • Retycint - Saturday, November 9, 2019 - link

    Or you could just, go for a brand that has a close-to-stock software experience, and live without all the compromises of the Pixel 4. Or you could just install LineageOS on any other flagship and get the same "Android Software experience"
  • generalako - Sunday, November 10, 2019 - link

    Pixel UI isn't good for how it looks, but how it runs. Frame consistency (smoothness) in animations, scrolling, etc. and consistency in general is something you can't get in every other run-of-the-mill stock Android interface, whether it's OxygenOS or Nokia UI. I don't understand why people never get this.
  • s.yu - Wednesday, November 13, 2019 - link

    If you just turn system animations off, it's faster. I'm currently using a laggy backup phone and it really shows.
  • 29a - Friday, November 8, 2019 - link

    Do you always lie?
  • airdrifting - Friday, November 8, 2019 - link

    Any particular reason the design of the phone looks pre-2018? Everyone is going for full screen with 85%+ screen to body ratio, why did Google op for a huge bezel on top? Also 2800 mAh battery for a $800 premium flagship?
  • Andrei Frumusanu - Friday, November 8, 2019 - link

    The forehead is filled with sensors and hardware. It's not really an issue for the phone - you get used to the looks pretty fast.
  • Oliseo - Sunday, November 10, 2019 - link

    It might not be an issue for the phone, but it's an issue for the customers.

    But hey, some random nobody on the Internet halfway down an obscure website said not to worry about it, so.....
  • Sharma_Ji - Sunday, November 10, 2019 - link

    Well, that nobody is whom who wrote the article you are reading.
  • Spunjji - Monday, November 11, 2019 - link

    "obscure website"

    Either you're trolling or you genuinely have no idea what you're talking about; neither looks good.
  • s.yu - Wednesday, November 13, 2019 - link

    I know right, the guy probably thinks Engadget has more authority.

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