Dell on Thursday upgraded its XPS 13 ultra-thin laptop with Intel’s recently introduced Kaby Lake-U processors. The new notebooks keep the chassis and display panel options, but sport faster CPUs, speedier memory, a Killer 1535 802.11ac WiFi card, as well as a higher-capacity battery. Dell plans to offer new XPS 13 notebooks in rose gold, gold and silver colors starting from October 4, 2016.

Since Intel’s 7th generation Core i-series Kaby Lake-U processors are drop-in compatible with platforms supporting the Skylake-U chips, the new Dell XPS 13 uses exactly the same chassis as the Dell XPS 13 introduced a year ago and based on the previous-gen CPUs. That means, we are talking about systems made of machined aluminum and carbon fiber, which are 9 – 15 mm thick and weigh 1.2 – 1.29 kilograms. Display panels of the XPS 13 also remained the same: users can choose between a QHD+ (3200×1800) panel and an FHD (1920×1080) panel with or without touch support.

Meanwhile, the new 7th generation Intel Core CPUs run at higher frequencies s compared to their predecessors, feature considerably improved video encoding/decoding engine, refined graphics as well as Speed Shift v2 technology. As a result, the upgraded XPS 13 will deliver higher performance and better responsiveness at the same power than the predecessors. Otherwise, as with the past generation of systems, Dell is offering from 4GB to 16GB of LPDDR3-1866 memory.

Yet another improvement of the upgraded Dell XPS 13 is Rivet Networks' Killer 1535 802.11 2×2 Wi-Fi + BT 4.1 controller that promises to add some useful features with the help of refined software.

Finally, the 2016 XPS 13 also comes with a 60 Wh battery, up from 56 Wh battery on the previous-generation model. Dell claims that thanks to the new battery and power optimizations of the platform, the FHD version of the XPS 13 will work for up to 22 hours and the QHD+ machine will run for up to 13 hours on one charge.

Dell XPS 13
  XPS 13
XPS 13
CPU Intel Core i3-6100U
(2.3 GHz dual-core 15W)

Intel Core i5-6200U
(2.3-2.8 GHz dual-core 15W)

Intel Core i5-6300U
(2.4-3.0 GHz dual-core 15W)

Intel Core i7-6500U
(2.5-3.1 GHz dual-core 15W)

Intel Core i7-6600U
(2.6-3.4 GHz dual-core 15W)
Intel Core i3-7100U
(2.4 GHz dual-core 15W)

Intel Core i5-7200U
(2.5-3.1 GHz dual-core 15W)

Intel Core i7-7500U
(2.7-3.5 GHz dual-core 15W)
GPU Intel HD 520 (24 EU) Intel HD 620 (24 EU)
Memory 4-16 GB dual-channel LPDDR3-1866 4-16 GB dual-channel LPDDR3-1866
Display 13.3" 1920x1080 sRGB
13.3" 3200x1800 sRGB
Storage 128 GB SATA SSD, 256 GB, 512 GB, 1 TB PCIe SSD
Battery 56 Wh 60 Wh
Wireless Connectivity Intel 8260 802.11 2×2 Wi-Fi + BT 4.1 controller
Dell 1820A 802.11 2×2 Wi-Fi + BT 4.1 controller
Rivet Networks Killer 1535 802.11 2×2 Wi-Fi + BT 4.1 controller
Ports Thunderbolt 3 x 1 (Type-C)
USB 3.0 x 2
SD Card Reader
Dimensions 304 x 200 x 9-15 mm
11.98 x 7.88 x 0.33-0.6 inches
Weight 1.2 - 1.29 kg
2.7 - 2.9 lbs
Price $799+

Other specs and features of the new Dell XPS 13 are the same as those on the 2015 model: PCIe SSD on higher-end models (the entry-level one still carries a 128 GB SATA drive), one Thunderbolt 3 port (hence, one USB Type-C receptacle), two USB 3.0 ports, an SD card reader and audio connectors.

Dell will begin to sell its XPS 13 in silver, gold and rose gold colors on October 4 starting at $799. Traditionally, the company will also offer XPS 13 Developer Edition based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS starting at $949. 

Source: Dell

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  • blzd - Thursday, September 15, 2016 - link

    Intel Core i5-6300HQ is a mobile quad core, so they do exist.

    I'm comparing an Acer and an Asus ROG both for just under $1000 (CDN) both with GTX 960m, that would be somewhere around $750 USD.
  • zodiacfml - Monday, September 19, 2016 - link

    That's interesting! I've been waiting for this too, a quad core for mobile that doesn't cost too much. This part is cheaper than my recent laptop which has an i5-5200u.
  • drothgery - Thursday, September 15, 2016 - link

    Skylake was the first time Intel had mobile quad-cores that worked for reasonable 15" laptops, and those are still 25W+ parts. It's unlikely they'll make a 15W quad Kaby Lake. Maybe 10nm will see U-series quads, but I wouldn't count on it.
  • akmittal - Thursday, September 15, 2016 - link

    Which all countries it will be released on 4th? Is it coming to India at same time.
  • zodiacfml - Friday, September 16, 2016 - link

    I have an Dell Ultrabook at work but noticed that the i7 is lagging to my cheap Lenovo i5 including in 3D games. I knew this is due to the cooling capacity so I just wish that Dell provides a way to control the fan speeds of their Ultrabooks to get the true performance of the i7. I wouldn't mind the fan whining noise when I'm on earphones or an already noisy environment.
  • Lolimaster - Friday, September 16, 2016 - link

    The next step is to ditch 16:9 and use 16:10 or 3:2. Don't they realize how horrible a 16:9 looks in a laptop design.

    And its way more horrible productivity wise.
  • mr_tawan - Friday, September 16, 2016 - link

    What about an ultra-wide with full keyboard?
  • Murloc - Friday, September 16, 2016 - link

    how would that fit in a bag?

    Not everyone wants to walk around with a violin box.
  • jb14 - Friday, September 16, 2016 - link

    wonder when they'll update the 960M dGPU in the 15 inch version? Maybe a Jan 17 refresh?
  • Brett Howse - Sunday, September 18, 2016 - link

    There's no direct replacement for the 960M. GTX 1060 is a bigger GPU than 960M. NVIDIA hasn't announced anything under that as of yet.

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