Well, as I said earlier, this was certainly not an easy decision. I have changed my mind a couple of times, but after really getting down to the basics of a speaker, I was able to make a decision. Klipsch gets the Gold Editor's Choice Award, and Cambridge gets the Silver Editor's Choice Award. Putting aside the extra features that Cambridge put into the 2500's (i.e. Dolby Digital, Multiple Inputs, Stands), you still have a set of speakers (Klipsch) that sound incredible and put out a tremendous amount of volume. This is where the "what makes a speaker great?" comes in. Is Dolby Digital a standard in PC desktop audio? Not in my opinion, although it is certainly a nice feature. These two speaker systems are really geared for separate markets. Cambridge went after the user that wants 5.1 AC-3 sound in their room to watch movies and great sound for playing games and music. Klipsch went after the user who yearns for sound quality and pure power, and they've certainly delivered that. Can you still watch movies on the Klipsch? Sure, they sound fantastic. You just don't have Dolby digital 5.1 decoder. In conclusion, before making a speaker decision, ponder these few things:

    -Do I want the most volume and best quality? (Klipsch)
    -Do I want features and great volume and great quality? (Cambridge)
    -Do I need speaker stands included? (Cambridge)
    -Do I feel the need to structurally test my room? (Klipsch)
It all comes down to the user in the end. You are the one that has to have these by your computer. So really think about what you want, and make an educated decision.

Editor's Choice Gold Award

For their outstanding sound quality and power, the Klipsch ProMedia v.2 - 400 speakers are awarded the AnandTech Gold medal.

Editor's Choice Silver Award

For their excellent sound quality and features, the Cambridge SoundWorks DTT 2500 speakers are awarded the AnandTech Silver medal.
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