As we've seen before with Hercules cards, their drivers are a step above the rest. The Hercules Utilities provide the standard NVIDIA TNT2 controls including gamma correction, image quality settings, a variety of performance options (including the ability to toggle vsync), and refresh rates.

Quite possibly the best addition by Hercules is the HercuMeter which allows for quick and easy overclocking straight from the Hercules Utilities. A nice touch by Hercules here is that the driver will automatically restore the default clock rate if Windows is not shut down properly. This is designed to handle situations where the user tries to overclock too far causing the system to lockup and requiring a reboot. Without this little feature, the user might reboot and still be stuck with the card running too fast with no easy way to drop to a lower clock speed.

Unfortunately, Hercules provides absolutely no utilities for Windows NT 4, so you'll be stuck with straight up reference drivers under NT. That's not horrible - primarily no HercuMeter for NT users.

Hercules Dynamite TNT2 - Driver Pictures

1.gif (13700 bytes)

2.gif (13124 bytes)

3.gif (16097 bytes)

4.gif (22596 bytes)

The Card More Driver Screenshots

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