11:51AM EDT - We're here at Intel's annual developer conference and press gathering, IDF

11:52AM EDT - This year's keynote is being presented by Intel's CEO Brian Krzanich

11:53AM EDT - The big news of course will be Intel's Skylake architecture

11:54AM EDT - It technically launched two weeks ago at Gamescom as a soft launch, but with IDF this will be the main event

11:54AM EDT - So we should find out more about the architecture, and with any luck the individual SKUs as well

11:57AM EDT - Meanwhile there is a very conspicuous Rube-Goldberg machine setup on stage

11:58AM EDT - I suspect we won't be waiting long to find out what that is about

11:59AM EDT - We may also see some Atom news today

12:01PM EDT - And here we go

12:01PM EDT - Just got hit in the face by the "comet" so that was fun I guess -Josh

12:02PM EDT - Rube-goldberg machine in action

12:03PM EDT - Gyrocopter IDF balls

12:04PM EDT - And now a very quick stage cleanup by the IDF stagehands

12:04PM EDT - Now on stage, Brian Krzanich

12:05PM EDT - Today;s theme: the fun of exploring technology

12:06PM EDT - Brian is talkijng about Intel's vision and how they need the audience (developers) to make it happen

12:07PM EDT - "This year we want to push further than ever before"

12:08PM EDT - "No canned demos here, everythijng's real-time"

12:08PM EDT - Starting with a developer video

12:10PM EDT - Very IoT and Edison-centric so far

12:11PM EDT - Developers discussing what they've done with the tech

12:11PM EDT - "Computing is everywhere"

12:12PM EDT - "Computing and the computing experience is becoming personalized"

12:13PM EDT - Intel has developed 3 key assumptions/tenets

12:13PM EDT - Sensification of compute: more sensors; sight, touch, etc

12:13PM EDT - Opportunity for everything to become smart and connected

12:14PM EDT - Finally, computing is an extension of the user. Wearables and other tech

12:14PM EDT - Now discussing the sensificaiton of compute

12:15PM EDT - Intel wants devices always listening and responding. A true voice control experience

12:16PM EDT - Intel Smartsound technology

12:17PM EDT - Demoing a Win10 Skylake PC with Skylake's audio DSP

12:17PM EDT - Wake-on-voice

12:17PM EDT - Also demoing Win10's Cortana

12:18PM EDT - By throwing in a mic input on Skylake itself, Intel can bypass a power-expensive ADC/DAC

12:20PM EDT - Next subject: audio latency

12:20PM EDT - Showing off Android Kitkat tablets

12:21PM EDT - Presentation isn't going as expected; Kitkat tablets aren't making any sound

12:21PM EDT - Now demoing Lollipop tablets with audio latency improvements

12:22PM EDT - Next subject: RealSense

12:23PM EDT - RealSense demo time

12:23PM EDT - Starting with smartphones

12:23PM EDT - Google's Project Tango + RealSense

12:23PM EDT - Prototype Tango phone with RealSense capabilities

12:24PM EDT - Demoing a feature called "meshing"

12:25PM EDT - Using the Tango phone to build a 3D model of the demo room

12:25PM EDT - Phone also knows its location relative to the rest of the room

12:26PM EDT - Clearly still an early tech; takes some time to scan a whole room

12:26PM EDT - "What will you go off and develop?"

12:27PM EDT - Rolling video: a virtual butler system dubbed Relay

12:27PM EDT - Hotel using a robot to deliver items to guests

12:28PM EDT - Using RealSense to avoid obstacles and people

12:29PM EDT - Now bringing a Relay on stage

12:30PM EDT - 'Bot brought Brian a drink

12:30PM EDT - Segue into how robots need to interact with the world to be useful

12:31PM EDT - Announcing that RealSense wll support the Robot Operating System (ROS) that Relay uses

12:32PM EDT - Also announcing RealSense support for everything from UnrealEngine to Android

12:32PM EDT - Final senification demo: feeling

12:33PM EDT - Demoing a VRX racing simulator

12:35PM EDT - Now demoing RealSense and Twitch

12:36PM EDT - Showing Rocket League with the presenter superimposed in the corner. RealSense is being used to isolate him from the background

12:36PM EDT - Camera developed by Razer, will be on market in Q1

12:38PM EDT - "Intel is proud to be the lead sponsor of TwitchCon 2015"

12:38PM EDT - Switching gears to the smart and connected world, IoT

12:40PM EDT - Demo: wardrobe previews using a large display as a pseudo-mirror

12:40PM EDT - Ian: what, no preference for blue?

12:41PM EDT - Memomi "Memory Mirror"

12:41PM EDT - This mirror is social, local, and mobile. -Josh

12:42PM EDT - Next demo: baby seat clip

12:43PM EDT - Clip to let you know if you left your kid in the car

12:44PM EDT - Next set of demos: Intel's IoT Platform

12:45PM EDT - Device to cloud and back again

12:45PM EDT - IoT vending machine

12:46PM EDT - Front glass has been replaced with a transparent screen (guessing OLED)

12:46PM EDT - Vending machine profiles the users so that owners know who's using it

12:47PM EDT - Using RealSense to interact with the vending machine without touching it

12:48PM EDT - N&W will be relasing 5000 of these machines through 2016

12:49PM EDT - New technology announcemnet: EPIC

12:50PM EDT - Enhanced Privacy IDentification

12:50PM EDT - EPID, not EPIC, my bad

12:51PM EDT - Intel's IoT dev program has 252K devs using their IoT zone

12:51PM EDT - Next subject: the future of connectivity

12:51PM EDT - 5G connectivity

12:52PM EDT - Interesting to see if Intel can take on Huawei/Qualcomm on network equipment/modem.

12:53PM EDT - Third and final assumption: computing becomes an extension of you

12:53PM EDT - Wearables

12:53PM EDT - Small market growing quickly

12:54PM EDT - Now on stage, Greg McKelvey, EVP and Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer for the Fossil Group

12:55PM EDT - Following up on IDF 2014's partnership announcement

12:55PM EDT - "Connected accessories"

12:56PM EDT - Sneak peak at Fossil's holiday product lineup

12:56PM EDT - Android Wear watch

12:56PM EDT - "Merging function and fashion"

12:57PM EDT - Now following up on Intel Curie, which was announced back at CES

12:58PM EDT - Curie SoC silicon being shown off

12:58PM EDT - Tiny, Quark-powered SoC: http://www.anandtech.com/show/8848/intel-announces-curie-tiny-module-for-wearables

12:59PM EDT - What could you do with Curie?

12:59PM EDT - Demo time: digitizing sports

12:59PM EDT - Curie-equipped BMX bike

01:00PM EDT - Bike can tell it's orientation and what it's being used for

01:01PM EDT - Intel's software is identifying the tricks being performed

01:02PM EDT - BMX just jumped the Krzanich

01:03PM EDT - Intel IQ software kits

01:04PM EDT - Existing body and social kits are being joined by the time and identity kits

01:04PM EDT - Indentity IQ: Identify the user and provide access control

01:05PM EDT - Curie will be in partners' hands in Q4 of this year

01:05PM EDT - For the wider public (Makers), more info will be coming at Maker Fair later on

01:06PM EDT - Intel believes wearables can solve the Enterprise security/password problem

01:06PM EDT - (Com badges, anyone?)

01:07PM EDT - Demoing a computer automatically unlocking when the user approaches while wearing a security bracelet

01:07PM EDT - Bracelet has biometic sensors so that it stops working if it leaves the user

01:09PM EDT - Bracelet uses a form of Bluetooth LE

01:11PM EDT - Now rolling a video about the results from Intel's 2014 Make It Wearable competition

01:13PM EDT - Now on stage; Mark Burnett, CEO fo the United Artists Media Group

01:13PM EDT - Turner, UAMG, and Intel are partnering

01:14PM EDT - Intel sponsored reality competitiojn?

01:14PM EDT - Coming 2016: "America's Greatest Maker"

01:16PM EDT - Whoever comes up with the best gizmo for Intel gets 1 million USD

01:17PM EDT - Now demoing Intel's Basis Peak watch

01:17PM EDT - Everyone in the audience gets a Basis Peak

01:18PM EDT - (Audience seems slightly befuddled)

01:18PM EDT - Basis Peak's primary function is a fitness tracker, BTW

01:19PM EDT - Now switching gears to talking about the future

01:19PM EDT - Now demoing a "floating" display

01:20PM EDT - Using RealSense to project an optical illusion of contents floating in space

01:21PM EDT - Also using RealSense to detect user actions in the floating space

01:22PM EDT - "Intel will be there"

01:22PM EDT - Next subject: rearchitecting the computer storage architecture

01:22PM EDT - 3D XPoint incoming

01:23PM EDT - http://www.anandtech.com/show/9470/intel-and-micron-announce-3d-xpoint-nonvolatile-memory-technology-1000x-higher-performance-endurance-than-nand

01:23PM EDT - Now on stage: Rob Crooke, SVP of Intel's Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group

01:24PM EDT - Recapping features of 3D XPoint

01:25PM EDT - Intel announcing a new storage brand

01:26PM EDT - Intel Octane

01:26PM EDT - Excuse me, Intel Optane

01:26PM EDT - 3D XPoint SSDs in 2016 released under the Optane brand. Datacenter to ultrabooks

01:26PM EDT - 3D XPoint will also be available via DIMMs for Xeons

01:26PM EDT - 3D XPoint live demo!

01:27PM EDT - Demoing an Optane PCIe SSD

01:27PM EDT - Optane vs. Intel P3700 SSD (Intel's current best SSD)

01:27PM EDT - ~7x better IOps at low queue depths

01:28PM EDT - 76K vs. 10K at QD1

01:28PM EDT - Just a short demo. No technical details on the Optane SSD at this time

01:30PM EDT - Wrapup

01:31PM EDT - Final demo: Intel's Curie-powered spiderbots

01:32PM EDT - (Ed: no walking eye?)

01:32PM EDT - New larger, black bot. Does in fact clearly have a camera

01:33PM EDT - Brian is controlling the bots based on his wrist movements with a control watch

01:33PM EDT - Now: an even bigger spider bot. chair sized

01:34PM EDT - Uses wheels BTW, not hexpedal motion

01:34PM EDT - Core i7 brain, RealSense vision

01:35PM EDT - Dancing time

01:36PM EDT - Spider can shift to hexpedal motion for very small movements

01:37PM EDT - And that's a wrap

01:37PM EDT - Off to the Skylake sessions

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  • BillyONeal - Tuesday, August 18, 2015 - link

    They were also not doing it on processes measured in micrometers. What's your point?
  • ddriver - Tuesday, August 18, 2015 - link

    Actually, intel would be able to offer much better performance if it didn't feel obligated to cram IGPs into high end products. I'd take 50 to 75% more cores over IGP any day.
  • Morawka - Tuesday, August 18, 2015 - link

    and they would charge you 400% more on the same silicon a IGP would use.
  • Jon Tseng - Wednesday, August 19, 2015 - link

    Agreed. Although they already have these products they're called Xeons... But they're gonna cost ya!
  • ddriver - Wednesday, August 19, 2015 - link

    Also, can't overclock...
  • MrSpadge - Wednesday, August 19, 2015 - link

    They're called Haswell E.
  • ddriver - Tuesday, August 18, 2015 - link

    Also, IPC aside, what is the reason "more advanced process" overclocking worse than the previous one? At worse, it should be "no improvement" - overclock like the previous generation. But when we have a decrease compared to previous gen, we are not talking about "getting better" at all.
  • BillyONeal - Tuesday, August 18, 2015 - link

    Very few customers overclock; I'd wager less than 1%. Any path that's "faster than it needs to be" for the stock clock rate is wasted power.
  • Impulses - Tuesday, August 18, 2015 - link

    Well, Skylake turns back the OC regression, and they'll happily sell you a hexa core sans IGP for $380 on X99... There's no incentive for them to sell cheap octos without competition or mass market demand.
  • boeush - Tuesday, August 18, 2015 - link

    The irony: octacores on smart phones and tablets, years in advance of PCs. And then Intel wonders where all the customers disappeared to...

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